A sustainable way of making a difference

Supporting the Women of Zanzibar

Our goal is to better the everyday life of the women, girls and their children on Zanzibar. These women struggle with a lot of challenges. They are being disregarded, not allowed to participate in the public debate, are shamed as young – while the men plow their own way and otherwise do very little to contribute. The women have to work hard from morning to evening to feed their own – often they have a lot of children. We want to do something about this!

We want to give these women the opportunity of earning their own money, thus giving them the power and influence they need to change the structure of their society. Even the slightest raise in these women’s living standard will greatly improve their quality of life. They don’t need washing machines or cars, they need food on the table and oil for their lamps.

Portrait of young girl from Zanzibar.